How to watch Masters Golf 2020 Live Stream Online

Want to experience the Masters 2020 Live Stream at beautiful Augusta National Golf Club this April? This is one of the most exciting golf tournaments on the PGA Tour each year. This tournament is truly one of the bucket list items on every golf fan list. The 2020 Masters will take place April 9-12 at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, GA.

The Masters Golf 2020 Tournament is coming to the historic Augusta National Golf Club this April. You can watch the hunt for the green jacket, live and in person!  With Tiger Woods’ historic victory at last year’s tournament still fresh in everyone’s minds.  So you’d better move even faster if you want to catch the pageantry, the tradition, and the fun this spring!

Masters Golf Tournament 2020

Venue Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, GA
Dates Thu, Apr 9 – Sun, Apr 12 (Postponed)
TV Coverage ESPN and CBS
Live Stream Watch Here

Masters Golf 2020: Date, Time and Location

The Masters Golf 2020 will take place April 9-12 at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, GA. (This is an old date, when we got a new Date and Schedule, we will let you know.)

Augusta National Golf Club is a private golf club and it has the best facility for hosting an important event like this one. As stated before, there are four major Golf Championships that take place in the country and this tournament is the first of that. It is widely watched all over the world and the greatest players in the game are expected to take place. The tournament is going to be televised through different streaming and broadcast options.

Masters Golf 2020: Course, Field, and Format


There are no golf courses created equal. The Augusta National Golf Club championship setup itself was lengthened in recent years. The current setup is 520 yards, and it longer than the 2001 course.


The invitations are now from the events in the PGA Tour. The field is filled with the contenders from the top 12 plus ties from Masters, top 4 from the US Open, Open Championship, as well as PGA championship.


Almost the same with the other majors, it has four rounds at 18 holes each. The competition will span from Thursday through Sunday when there are no delays. Augusta is a relatively small field for the professionals, compared to other golf tournaments where there are 36 holes.

The Augusta National Golf Course Overview

We all know that all golf courses are not created equal. That includes the Augusta National Golf Course which has been hosting The Masters Tournament since 1958.

US Masters Golf 2020 Field

It is undeniable that the Augusta National Golf Club is a familiar place for all golf fans around the world. The first major championship that happens this year will also take place in the course. There are 18 holes that will be challenging the participants in the Masters 2020 to overcome.

How to Watch The Masters Golf 2020 Live Stream Online

This year’s Masters Golf has been conversant in the cord-cutters. you’ll tune the facilities of CBS or ESPN to urge the complete coverage of the tournament. the great thing here is that you simply can access it through many platforms. There are many choices you’ll consider.

Watch Masters Golf 2020 Live online Via Official Channels

CBS has been holding the complete broadcasting rights of the Masters Golf event since 1956. But in 2008, ESPN joined with the broadcasting team. That was excellent news for the ESPN lovers some time past. So, whether you’re the ESPN team or CBS team, you’ll tune either of the channels.

CBS All Access

CBS isn’t only available within the conventional device. If you’re on the go, you’ll watch CBS masters 2020 through CBS All Access. For those that haven’t known it yet, CBS All Access may be a single network streaming service that permits the users to observe CBS without a cable subscription. It only offers the CBS All-Access package, which explains why it’s a reasonable option.


ESPN fans also can have their coverage through ESPN+. it’s a comparatively new live streaming service provided by the ESPN+.

It is a touch different from the ESPN app since it presents extra ESPN content. The ESPN+ focuses on the golden badge content including the first material, special sports events, and so on. The subscription cost is a mere $5 per month. But if you select a yearly basis plan, you would like to pay $50 per annum. Watch ESPN masters live, and you won’t regret it.

Watch Masters Tournament 2020 Online without Cable

Is it possible to watch masters live stream online without cable? If you’ve got kind of question, the solution is going to be an enormous YES. once you are trying to find watching Masters online, the choices are available there. There are many media streaming services that you simply can subscribe to watch masters live stream online free throughout your favorite device. Here we offer you the simplest streaming services so you’ll watch your favorite PGA tour live.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV may be a common choice for the cord-cutters since it provides such excellent service of live streaming. The monthly subscription costs $40, and it already gives you an abundant amount of the main channels that you simply can enjoy, including the channels that broadcast the Masters 2020. you’ll tune either CBS, CBS Sports, or ESPN to watch free live golf streaming.

Also, we’d like to say that it comes with the unlimited cloud DVR space for storing . just in case you’re missing some moments, you’ll watch the replays through the DVR space for storing. confine mind that the videos are going to be deleted after nine months.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu with Live TV maybe a spare package of Hulu. because the name suggests, it focuses on the Live TV plan. But it also comes with the on-demand video service also. It costs $39.99 per month. With this package, you’re already eligible to enjoy the essential channels including those that broadcast the upcoming Masters 2020. The chains are CBS, CBS Sports, ESPN, also as ESPN 2.

So, it doesn’t matter which channel you like; you can’t fail with the Hulu with Live TV. It also comes with the 50 hours of space for storing of cloud DVR service. But you’ll upgrade it for a particular amount.

Sling TV

If you’re trying to find budget-friendly media streaming services, then Sling TV is the best choice for you. It allows you to customize your package as you wish. Sling TV primarily provides three sorts of subscriptions: Orange, Blue, Orange + Blue. ESPN and ESPN2 are available within the Orange and Orange + Blue bundles. CBS is out there within the Blue Bundles and Orange + Blue bundles. meaning if you would like to possess both respective channels, you want to choose the Orange + Blue bundles. Each package costs $25 except the combination bundles which costs $40. it’s far more affordable to select the combination bundles.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now has been around for a short time. it’s a superb service that permits users to enjoy a bunch of content from various niches. it’s five sorts of media streaming services from Live a touch, good, Go Big, Gotta Have It, and Todo Y Mas. CBS is out there altogether the bundles.

However, ESPN and ESPN2 are only available within the Live a touch, good, Go Big, and Gotta Have It. If you favor CBS Sports, you’d wish to choose Go Big and Gotta Have It. Unfortunately, the DVR space for storing is merely 20 hours free of charge.


FuboTV has been popular amongst sports lovers. It offers plenty of significant channels that you simply can enjoy maximally. There are four bundles provided by the FuboTV media streaming provider. you’ll find the CBS and CBS Sports within the Fubo bundle and Fubo Extra bundle.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t cover the ESPN networks. So, it’s more a standard choice for the CBS fans. you’ll also record the events just in case you miss a number of them since it also comes with the free cloud DVR space for storing. It provides 30 hours space for you. But you’ll also upgrade the space for storing to 500 hours with a price of $9.99 per month.

FuboTV also gives you perks operational. It allows up to 2 users using the service at an equivalent time. But if you would like to feature the third user in your equation, you’ll get to pay extra $5.99 per month. Consider taking a glance at the small print of the service. you’ll want to ascertain them before proceeding.

Watch Masters Golf Live From Aboard by VPNs

It is true that you simply can use all of the media streaming services we mentioned above. But these platforms have the silly geo-restriction rules which block out the users who aren’t within the coverage area. as an example, you can’t use Sling TV outside the US since the provider focuses on US clients. But you’ll use the VPN service to unblock the geo-restriction. So, regardless of where you’re, you’ll still use the live streaming service with none hassle.

Here is the name of the best VPN Services 2020, in case you need them to watch the Masters Golf 2020.


  • ExpressVPN is simply the best VPN service: Ultra-fast speeds, a no-log policy, and a friendly support team. Access the internet unrestricted, privately and securely.
  • World’s fastest VPN for streaming, browsing, and gaming
  • Try it for free for 30 days
  • Unlocks Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+ & more
  • Instant setup & easy to use on all devices
  • No user logs & no IP address leaks
  • Servers in 27 US locations & 90+ countries


UltraVPN has over 1000+ servers in 100 different countries. It also comes with free malware and phishing protection. A very solid choice for a VPN.

  1. Never keeps logs of your activities
  • Supports L2TP-IPSec, Open VPN, PPTP, SSTP, UDP, and TCP protocols
  • Has a kill switch in case your connection becomes interrupted


NordVPN has an easy to understand console and has the largest number of server choices. They are the fastest and provide the most reliable streaming service.

  • Easy to switch servers quickly if it suddenly becomes crowded
  • Smooth experience with little or no buffering in most cases
  • Do not keep logs of activity


Surfshark offers a good service at a fair price point. If you do not expect to stream or torrent often, this would be a good choice.

  • Private DNS & leak protection
  • 24/7 expert support
  • The great price point for a solid VPN
  • List ItemUnlimited devices
  • Free ad-blocker


PureVPN A pioneer in the VPN space, PureVPN is a safe, affordable choice, with 2000+ servers in 140+ countries

  • Military-grade encryption
  • P2P File Sharing
  • 31-day refund policy
  • Connects to 140+ countries
  • Zero log policy

Watch Masters Live Stream From Other Countries

Masters 2020, although it happens within the US, golf fans around the world are awaiting this big event. many of us are enjoying the spectacle since it can give them the insights of the potential candidates to play within the next significant games this year. you’ve got the liberty to watch masters golf 2020 live stream from anywhere.

Masters 2020 Live Streaming within the US

Live Streaming within the US is visible. you would like to select one among the media streaming services we mentioned before. Consider choosing one which provides your favorite channels. To be clear, the formal broadcasters of the Masters 2020 are CBS, CBS Sports, ESPN, also as CBS All Access.

Stream Masters live Online in Canada

If you’re in Canada, you’ll use the Slim Bundles that we’ve explained before. the likelihood is that you’ll experience the geo-restriction or blackout. When it happens, you’ll use your VPN service to attach it to the US server. because of the results, you’ll appear coming from the US and therefore the media streaming services will give access for you. Or, you’ll check to watch masters 2020 live through your favorite browser. you’ll find the small print at the official site.

Masters 2020 Live in the UK

For UK fans, you’re still hospitable to use the Slim packages of the media streaming services. Whether you select Sling TV, DirecTV, YouTube TV, or anything, it doesn’t matter. make certain to use your VPN service to unblock the restriction. Or, you’ll open to observe the tournament through your favorite browser. you’ll find the small print of the live streaming coverage at the location.

Watch the Masters Golf in Australia

Folks in Australia can tune to watch the masters 2020 live in Australia. If you happen to visit Australia, you would like to type in your browser, and you’re good to travel . 9Now shows the live and on-demand content, including Masters Golf 2020. But if you’re Australian viewers and need to use this service outside Australia, you’ll get to prepare an honest VPN service to assist you to unblock the geo-restriction.

Watch The Masters Golf Live in Poland

The most sensible option for you is tuning Sky Sports. Or, you’ll watch the Masters Golf through Update your browser to the newest version in order that you’ll view your favorite team through your favorite browser. confirm that you simply have an honest internet connection to observe the event.

Watch Masters Tournament live streaming for free on Social Media

Do you know that you can as well watch Masters Tournament live on your social media handle? You ought to know this, starting today. Social media has been, another great information disburse. This can be affirmed by how some videos can go viral or trend on social media. Below we look at some of the social media platforms, where you get content about this coming Masters Golf Tournament.


There is no doubt that Facebook is a well-known social media platform and with the fact that it has been of late included the option for live broadcasts, many people are searching it for live events. Along these lines, you can as well search Masters 2020 live on Facebook and see the available options.


It should be said that YouTube is a renowned platform that can guarantee the live broadcast of the Masters Golf. This is from the fact that most of the channels to broadcast the event can be accessed through YouTube. For instance, you can subscribe to the PGA Tour channel on YouTube and be able to watch all of their posted content including Masters.


Just like Facebook, Twitter is also another popular social media platform that you can use to stay updated about this coming event. On Twitter, you can follow accounts related to the Masters Golf and that point you can access some content ranging from short videos to photos live as the tournament happens.


Reddit is additionally another platform that you can rely on if you want to catch up with everything that will be happening Masters Golf Tournament.

Masters Golf 2018 Champion
Tiger Woods: The 2019 Masters Champion

Final Thought

If you’re a real die-hard fan of Golf, confirm you don’t miss the chance to watch this Tournament. Reserve your option now and mark your calendar in order that you won’t miss this fantastic Golf event.

Amongst the collection of the Masters 2020 live streaming options, there will be at least one choice you make. Consider comparing the possibilities one by one. So, what is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.