How to Buy Masters Golf’s Tickets

The Masters 2020 tickets – often called as badges at the Augusta National Golf Club – have always been in demand among the golf fans. The Masters tickets are also the most expensive and exclusive tickets to buy for any golf lover.

Masters Tickets 2020

How to Buy Masters Golf Tickets for 2020 Event

Nevertheless, it is always worth it to buy these expensive tickets because the overall experience is second to none for a golf lover. So, if you are interested in buying masters 2020 tickets, here are a few ways you could get these.

Win a Lottery

Obviously, it does not mean that you will get tickets to the event only if you’re going to win Mega Millions.

Every year, a ticket lottery is offered by the Masters Golf Tournament in order to determine who will be eligible to buy masters tickets for the upcoming event. The process is super-easy and it’s all exciting to win the lottery.

Soon after the golf event, an email is circulated to announce the opening of an application window for next year’s lottery. Apply for it and wait until the draw to find out if you can buy the tickets or not for the next year’s masters. Usually, the lottery is drawn in July.

In a fortunate event, if you’re able to win the lottery for buying Masters tickets, you will have to pay a nominal fee in comparison to most major sporting events.

In yesteryears, the masters practice round tickets were priced at $75 with a buyer allowed to request 4 tickets at most. The daily tickets in tournament rounds were set at $115 where a buyer could get only 2 tickets at most.

Here’s a Masters fine print for ticket purchase through lottery:

  • Only a single application is accepted per address or person
  • Don’t apply in the lottery for any relative or friend, to sell, or as gift
  • The applicant’s age must be 21 years at least
  • Applicants can apply tickets for all or any day of the event. However, they’ll be eligible to win only a single day.

Get Your Patron Badge

You have the option of paying just $325 and be able to access Augusta’s grounds for all the days the event is scheduled. If you talk about the secondary market, the week-long tickets would cost you as high as five figures. So, that is quite a deal and you shouldn’t really miss out on it.

Now, unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to have these badges.

The Augusta National issues only a small amount of badges. But once you get a patron badge, you’ll be entitled to keep that badge and use it throughout your life whenever you like. For someone who dies while in possession of a patron badge, their badge can be transferred only to the surviving spouse. No other family member will be entitled to get it transferred to them. In case, if the owner of the badge who dies doesn’t have any surviving spouse, their badge is the property of the issuer and is sent back into the ticket pool. It is then awarded to the person waiting next to the list.

It was back in 2000 when the new names were accepted for the patron badge last time. So, if you want to take this route, you may have to wait too long for it and that’s not the most viable choice.

Buy Masters Golf 2020 Tickets From Secondary Market

You should take this option only if you have a hefty amount in your bank as it’s the priciest option available to get into the Augusta National. If you want to save some bucks while buying from the secondary market, the best option you have is to get one for the practice round on Monday and Tuesday. The prices may vary every year and you may get one for under $1000. If you’re on a tight budget, don’t buy a practice round ticket for Wednesday because that’s when the price reaches its high as you’ll also be able to attend the Par 3 Contest which happens in the afternoon.

In case, if you plan on buying the tickets for tournament rounds, you might get one for somewhat over $1000 to claim a seat on the Amen Corner. You can also get the Sunday’s winning putt in the same.

There are some popular travel services that offer Masters Golf 2020 ticket packages and you can buy from them too. Just make sure that you get to them after doing all your homework so that any additional expenses could be avoided. Also, try buying from a reputable provider to avoid any kind of hassles.

You can also take a stroll in Augusta’s parking lot when the Masters 2020 is going on and see if somebody leaving the golf course can give you the badge. Every ticket can allow 2 re-entries for each round as well. So, if you’re lucky enough on the day to find some generous patron to hand you over their pass, you can get an entry into the Augusta National and enjoy Masters 2020 Live.

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